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I read that lots of dog kibble is made from the cadavers of sick livestock and shelter animals. Can anyone recommend a safe brand of dog food that's not contaminated and tell me where I can buy it? Thanks.

can purchase at complete petmart

Finding the right dog food is indeed a concern for all pet owners, as much of the dog food available on store shelves, as you may already know, is not good for dogs, in fact, most of it is harmful.

I discovered this a few years back when dateline did a special on it and interviewed Andrew Lewis, who is a leading expert and opponent of mass produced dog food on the market. He is also the author of an excellent book which I purchased called "Dog Food Secrets" which details the poor quality of dog food, how it literally kills dogs slowly, because they cannot handle the ingredients(preservatives and other chemicals) present in dog food today. He describes how his beagle, Noble, died at only 4 years old(had to be put down) from contracting kidney failure from commercial dog food.

It also includes easy recipes for homemade halthy dog food which your dog will go crazy over(I wouldn't try it, but my Maltese(Bobo) seems to love it).

I thoroghly recommend this product to every dog owner, as it is extremely detailed and documented - AND it is dedicated to breeds too - so, it talks to the specific needs of most popular breeds.

You also get 60 dog food recipes, and a bunch of other stuff not advertised, such as a list of recommended dog food companies if you dont want to make it yourself, and much more.

The whole package used to be $57(it was when I bought it), but he is only selling it for $27 on sale right now.

It is well worth the investment I put into it, being cheaper than any vet bill I had to pay, and you save a lot of money in the long run. Plus, there is a 60 day guarantee, so that means you only part with like $0.90 cents a day, just to try it out.

The bottom line is, I purchased it because I don't wanna hurt my little friend, nor do I want to see him leave me early. I would feel terrible knowing I fed him the wrong things. It comes down to a choice, Do you love your dog enough to stop feeding him things which cause a slow death, or add 6-8 years to his lifespan by feeding him/her the proper nutrition that the dog needs?

The link to see this ebook is in the resource box, as well as a video about it.

pedigree you can get it in any supermarket (in melbourne)
plus give them your dinner scraps...NO CHOCOLATES OR PORK or go to your butcher and get shanks (they are cheaper) make sure that they aren't pork!!!!!!!!

give them lots of fresh meats and stuff to!

Hi, I am Stephanie, A pet nutritionist
What you are probably talking about by products
Chicken By products contain heads feet and intestines
So, stay away from that, and you are good (Just know there are many types of by products, chicken, beef, etcif you see MEAT by products, or ANIMAL by products, you don't even know the source of the by product.
Nutro products, can be found in larger pet supply stores, like PetSmart, Petco, as well as smaller,independent stores
Nutro usue HUMAN GRADE foodmeaning everything in the bag, is suitable for human consumption.
Nutro also is 100% guaranteed! Guaranteed to improve skin & coat, guaranteed to reduce shedding, guaranteed for less "waste" AND guaranteed for great taste! Meaning if your pet doesn't like it, you can return it or full refund!
Also,Nutro is vet approved, and has all the Omega 6 & 3 for optimum health. It is double inspected, and safe!

Here is the official definition as per the AAFCO (The pet food version of the FDA) I have also added the link below:

Definition: Chicken by-product meal consists of the ground, rendered, clean parts of the carcass of slaughtered chicken, such as necks, feet, undeveloped eggs and intestines, exclusive of feathers, except in such amounts as might occur unavoidable in good processing practice.
Examples: Chicken by-product meal is considered an inferior source of protein for cats. Although cats may eat a certain amount of by-products "in the wild," the most nutritious commercial cat foods will show a named meat, such as "chicken" as the first ingredient, rather than "chicken by-product meal."

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