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So, what do you think about human milk in ice cream? It'd be interesting to taste after it has been through the process but this just sounds terribly improbable unless you line up all us breastfeeding moms like they do the dairy cows... then we're just defeating the purpose.

Just wondering what you all think??

I'm half tempted to make home-made ice cream with some breast milk from my freezer one day to try it. Maybe i'm crazy now hah.

But otherwise, yes, how can we mass produce breastmilk on a scale so large to support the industry? How many mothers would be willing to sell/donate? How much will the screening/sterilizing process be compared to cows? Weird stuff lol

That's just wrong. If milking is so horrible for cows, then how (in their minds) is it okay for humans?!

their is many problems with their stupid idea first of all where are they going to get the women willing to do this second cows can die if they don't get milk and their are many medical problems that can follow with human breast milk and that milk is ment for babies not adults and kids

peta is evil. they say a human life is just a valuable as a chicken's life. I've eaten a lot of chickens.

Sick! If my ice cream was made from my OWN breastmilk I wouldnt eat it, let alone some random stranger. And, where exactly do they plan on getting all of that human milk. PETA is kind of stupid, to put it nicely.

If you're going to feed it to your child, I don't understand these people saying its sick!!

Its milk regardless, from a cow or a person, which would you prefer.?

my bf thinks its a good idea. hah not in a pervy way...just because milk isn't the miracle drink its made out to be...but breast milk instead of cows milk in ANYTHING...gross. just knowing where it comes from, grosses me out. my bf said, "why? think of what cows milk comes out of..." touche. lol
yeah, can you imagine a barn full of women with their boobies hooked up breast pumps all day long?
but i guess i can't deny that breast milk may be just as good...
consider no other mammal drinks milk after weening, let alone another animals milk...so i guess if it were popular opinion that breast milk be perfectly natural in cereal then maybe people would think cows milk disgusting...how knows.

I actually think it;'s a good idea. breastmilk has antibodies etc in it so we'd be protected at least for a few days from colds etc and if we eat it all the time imagine how fewer colds we'd have! also we probably wouldn't taste the difference. I just hope they would really screen the breastmilk for things like HIV or else we will have another epidemic like we did with blood transfusions in the 80s.

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