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Studded T Post is widely used in USA.Material: Low Carbon Steel or Rail Steel.Spade: With spade or without spade.Finish: Plain, Painted or Hot Dip Galvanized.Package: 5pcs/bundle, 40bundles/pallet or 80bundles/pallet.Clips: We can also supply clips.
Our 6 Rail gate, with round corner, are the popular farm gate, the clamps and J-bolts hardware are included. 
We manufacture a wide range of Feeder Panels for cattle and livestock.
Product Name: Combined scrape manure board specifically for concrete floor design, technical parameters are as follows:Scraping manure plate height: 21cm;Scraping manure plate width :0-8m (for users to choose products)Scraping manure plate weight: 100kg galvanized steel;Motor power: 0.55kW/0.75kW,..
These catheters facilitate entering the reproductive tract with minimum risk of entering the urethra.Soft foam provides for an excellent lock in the cervix.The shaft is recessed to protect mucus membranes.Without handles.Available for sows or gilts.
Sizes:Into a cow     Young cattle (19 months - delivery)Large breeding cattle  (13-18 months)     Small breeding cattle (7-12 months)     Weaned calves (3-6 months)Material:1. Horizontal bar is made of hot dip galvanized steel pipe, meet the..
Our sheep panels are safety and durable panels, ideal for ranchers, Conventional pin hook connectors are easy to set up.