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Model: SF-JJ-500Specifications: 500mm / cattle positionMaterial: hot dip galvanized steel pipeApplication: 13-18 monthsProduct features: self-locking control of the cows, reduce labor intensity, easy on the dairy routine physical examination, immunization, artificial insemination, pregnancy..
The cubicle partitions for large stock are made from hot-dip galvanized steel tubing(Φ60mm,wall thickness 3.5mm).The large head opening from the bedding allows the animals to stand up a great deal casier.The shape of the partition provides support and guidance to the animals allowing..
We manufacture a wide range of Automatic and Manual Headgates for cattle and livestock.
Disposable.Traditional model with connecting piece.Tube made of 100% polyethylene.
Made of polyethylene for ready mixed semen 40ml、60ml、80ml、90ml、100ml
Product Name: folding panel folding scrape scrape manure manure manure scraper plate and combination plates, like the design for the concrete floor;One-way conservancy, which can be used for the Conservancy channel is wide ranging, or bed width of straw bedding for the occasion, also used for pig..
Our 6 Rail gates, with square corner, are the traditional farm gate. The plastic plugs in the vertical tubes which helps keep out the bees and other insects. The clamp and J-bolts hardware are included.