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18 Holes T post is widely used in Canada.Material: Low Carbon Steel or Rail Steel.Finish: Plain, Painted or Hot Dip Galvanized.Package: 5pcs/bundle, 40bundles/pallet
We manufacture a wide range of Oval Water Tanks for cattle and livestock.
Australia Tost, with 3-pointed star, one end is pointed so the steel post can be easily hammered into the ground. And the other end is flat to suit the hammer. Holes are drilled along the length of the post to allow wires to be attached to the picket for fixing to temportary fence, barrier..
1. For cows to clean themselves and release them from dirt and parasites.It will make cows feel good.As their well-being improves,they are less susceptible to stress and are more resistant to infections and thus are healthier.And,after all,a healthy cow is a profitable cow.By using the..
We manufacture a wide range of Round Water Tanks for cattle and livestock.
Made of non-toxic,heavy grade plastic,durable,reusable and safeSpecial designed probe not be inserted into the trachea.A flexible zip-top bag with hanging handle,allows for easy filling.On/off clamp to control fluid flow.Capacity 2.5L,marked in 0.5L graduations.. 
We manufacture a wide range of Squeeze Chutes for cattle and livestock.
Our wire filled gate, with round corner, are the popular farm gate. 2"x4" mesh opening will be welded into the frame, the J-Bolts and Clamp connector are included.