Self-locking Cow Flails

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Product components: column, neck ideological subject, column column and neck hold cards will connect our thoughts, the main bar, the middle cervical card and card rod bolt connecting rod bearings main body in the neck yoga, post cards on top of the neck and activities connected with bolts retaining piece, the horizontal bar through the horizontal adjustment lever bearings, rod bearings and adjust the level of bovine jugular flails flails the main body of the bovine jugular main bar welded together, shot through the neck, hold cards fixed limit gamma in the main bar on the bovine jugular.

Product features: self-locking control of the cows, reduce labor intensity, capable of routine physical examination for dairy cattle, immunization, artificial insemination, pregnancy detection, treatment, to the corner, calving activities such as veterinary treatment.

Security: Self-locking into the design of both the cow neck yoga safe and efficient use of both. All materials comply with ASTM A53 standards.  Ideological self-locking of the bovine jugular space design allow cows Hem Tau and out, under special circumstances to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon card cattle.  In the non-locked state, the ideological arm of bovine jugular need to rely on gravity to return to the open state automatically.

Durability: self-locking into cow cervical flails for the surface treatment of the whole hot-dip galvanized after forming the surface layer of zinc required to achieve at least 80um (micron). Jugular thoughts, design needs to open the state's largest iron and steel parts to avoid the directly between the friction and collisions, to ensure the durability of bovine jugular yoga extend life, but also effectively avoid the noise generated.

Intelligence: self-locking into a cow pasture neck flails with the work required under the same lock or release a function of one or more head of cattle. At the same time, when you unlock a cow, without the workers went, with some supporting tools in remote unlocking safe distance work can be completed.

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