U-type double row cow bed

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Into a cow     
Young cattle (19 months - delivery)
Large breeding cattle  (13-18 months)     
Small breeding cattle (7-12 months)     
Weaned calves (3-6 months)

1. Horizontal bar is made of hot dip galvanized steel pipe, meet the American ASTM standards. Steel zinc coating thickness is greater than 40um (micron), pipe diameter 60mm, wall thickness greater than 3mm (11GA).
2. Block neck rod material to meet the American ASTM standards for hot dip galvanized steel pipe, steel pipe zinc layer thickness is greater than 40um (micron). Pipe diameter 48mm, wall thickness greater than 2mm (13GA).
3. Block components with white HDPE chest tube (tube diameter greater than 120mm, pipe wall thickness greater than 5mm), is to achieve reliable components of the North American standard, widely used in North America.

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