Combined manure scraper board

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Product Name: Combined scrape manure board specifically for concrete floor design, technical parameters are as follows:
Scraping manure plate height: 21cm;
Scraping manure plate width :0-8m (for users to choose products)
Scraping manure plate weight: 100kg galvanized steel;
Motor power: 0.55kW/0.75kW, 220V;
Drive unit: full tank, gear transmission, the output speed 5.4rpm;
Scraping manure plate speed: 4 m / min;
Corner box: Anti-wear of cast iron alloy, strong steel shaft;
Control Panel: 220V, with a pulse generator and adjustable timer or manual operation;
Chain: 13mm hardened heavy chain;
Wire Rope: 6mm, outsourcing 1mm plastic layer, or rope.

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