South African dairy industry at risk

Consumers were urged to support South African dairy products instead of imported goods, as this puts the industry at risk, the Milk Producers' Organisation (MPO) said on Friday.

"[This follows] the appearance of low-priced and sub-standard imported dairy products on retailers shelves," said Bertus de Jongh, MPO chief executive officer.

"Subsidies abroad may enable producers there to sell their products at lower prices in other countries, which is against international guidelines. These imports have been reported to the authorities and relevant action can be expected."

The imports were very costly to the dairy industry and led to unemployment.

"In time it may also affect South African food security. The vast variety and affordable prices at which South African dairy products are available, means it is not necessary to buy imported products."

De Jongh the standard of the imported products often did not meet South African requirements.

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