Ruminant & Livestock Articles on Oceania

While most of the focus has been on damage in coastal areas, the effects of Cyclone Yasi inland have been severe too.

Reporter Will Ockenden has been surveying the scene from a helicopter, and says the damage becomes clear from the air.

A major British supermarket chain is using New Zealand sheep in ground breaking research into genetics and food.

The Sustainable Lamb Project is being undertaken by the Agri-Food and BioSciences Institute in Belfast.

As Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi approaches the north Queensland coast, a live exporting company has decided not to evacuate 3000 head of cattle from Townsville.

The companies behind a livestock genetics merger are hoping to achieve the same scale of breeding gains for sheep, beef cattle and deer that the dairy industry has seen.

Livestock are being psychologically tested to produce better quality and more humanely reared meat.