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Calf pens are now available with two different kinds of partitions:solid impact-proof PVCU ˆ18 mm thick or waterproof laminated wood with an aluminium frame.Both pens have a removable and revolving front barrier and a hardwood slatted floor.Equipped with a wheel assemble,the pens(both..
Our Wire Filled gates, with square corner, are the traditional farm gate, The plastic plugs in the vertical tubes which helps keep out the bees and other insects. with 2"x4" mesh opening. The clamp and J-bolts Hardware are included.
Model: SF-JJ-400Specifications: 400mm / cattle positionMaterial: hot dip galvanized steel pipeScope of application: 7-12 monthsProduct features: self-locking control of the cows, reduce labor intensity, easy on the dairy routine physical examination, immunization, artificial insemination, pregnancy..
Magic Shock Electric Livestock Prod/Prodder/Coaxer Green 200-The best model around: 2 year guarantee on latest motor technology, battery consumption reduced to the minimum-Batteries last twice as long compared to similar devices-Mmin. Peak voltage 6000 V-Does not store energy at the metal tip after..
With the increasing scale of dairy,the production of cows continuously improved,the incidence of a disease has correspondingly increased,in particular hoof disease more prominent,resulting in the elimination of cattle greatly increased,particularly in the south more serious.Research shows..
Sizes:Into a cow     Young cattle (19 months - delivery)Large breeding cattle  (13-18 months)     Small breeding cattle (7-12 months)     Weaned calves (3-6 months)Material:1. Horizontal bar is made of hot dip galvanized steel pipe, meet the..
When scraping manure plate movement to the end, the lid off by the scraper, the dumping of feces, followed by set-shaped scraper in accordance with the process of automatic return, so dumping cover back off.
Animal respond to the sound of the BB's inside the paddle. Creates a visual barrier to guide livestock. Features a comfortable golf-style grip and vinyle covering for protection and easy cleaning. Available in 42" and 48" in different colors.