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When scraping manure plate movement to the end, the lid off by the scraper, the dumping of feces, followed by set-shaped scraper in accordance with the process of automatic return, so dumping cover back off.
Product Name: Combined scrape manure board specifically for concrete floor design, technical parameters are as follows:Scraping manure plate height: 21cm;Scraping manure plate width :0-8m (for users to choose products)Scraping manure plate weight: 100kg galvanized steel;Motor power: 0.55kW/0.75kW,..
Scraper manure manure plate leaks scraper plate is only applicable for the leaks on the ground floor of the cowshed;With rope or string on the floor surface affect, can two-way Conservancy;Use the control panel can be fully automated the process of adjusting the movement of scraper;Technical..
Product Name: folding panel folding scrape scrape manure manure manure scraper plate and combination plates, like the design for the concrete floor;One-way conservancy, which can be used for the Conservancy channel is wide ranging, or bed width of straw bedding for the occasion, also used for pig..