Ruminant & Livestock Articles on Africa

Some communal farmers in the Omaheke region have complained about the expenses they incurred in buying cattle ear tags, describing it as "daylight robbery" of their money.

Consumers were urged to support South African dairy products instead of imported goods, as this puts the industry at risk, the Milk Producers' Organisation (MPO) said on Friday.

Twenty six heads of cattle have died in chiefs Hanjalika, Mweenda and Mwanachingwala’s chiefdoms in Mazabuka District following an outbreak of livestock diseases.

Livestock owners have been warned to take preventitive measures against diseases that may break out following the recent heavy rains.

The vaccination campaign started over the weekend in the Upper River Region (URR), against Peste des Petites Ruminant, (PPR), an endemic disease in The Gambia that affects small ruminants such as sheep and goats.