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Headlocks Its main components include a main body,a mobile lever,a mobile vertical lever,a mobile baffle,supporting joints,bolts and pins.On the basis of specifications,there are five types:four heads,five heads,five heads,six heads,eight heads and ten heads.
We manufacture a wide range of Bunk Feeders for cattle and livestock.
Sizes:Into a cow     Young cattle (19 months - delivery)Large breeding cattle  (13-18 months)     Small breeding cattle (7-12 months)     Weaned calves (3-6 months)Material:1. Horizontal bar is made of hot dip galvanized steel pipe, meet the..
The list packs only,5 per pack,500 per box
Magic Shock Electric livestock Handy Prod/Prodder/Coaxer - Ergonomic casing for easy handling - Insert molded prongs - "Easy touch" press button - Holster ideal for easy carrying - 4x "AA " alkaline battery - Min. Peak voltage 3800V - Buzzer for psychological effect - Extremely lightweight: Only..
U Post - Painted, PC or HDG
For years, a common tool for sorting livestock of all types. Features a heavy duty rubber tip, golf club grip and vinyl covering for protection and easy cleaning. available in 42", 48" and 54"
We manufacture a wide range of Concrete Livestock Waterers for cattle and livestock.