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Shevado International Corp

A:PE:100% B:PE:95% EVA:5%
Made of non-toxic,heavy grade plastic,durable,reusable and safeSpecial designed probe not be inserted into the trachea.A flexible zip-top bag with hanging handle,allows for easy filling.On/off clamp to control fluid flow.Capacity 2.5L,marked in 0.5L graduations.. 
Disposable.Traditional model with connecting piece.Tube made of 100% polyethylene.
The list packs only,5 per pack,500 per box
Made of polyethylene for ready mixed semen 40ml、60ml、80ml、90ml、100ml
These catheters facilitate entering the reproductive tract with minimum risk of entering the urethra.Soft foam provides for an excellent lock in the cervix.The shaft is recessed to protect mucus membranes.Without handles.Available for sows or gilts.
For years, a common tool for sorting livestock of all types. Features a heavy duty rubber tip, golf club grip and vinyl covering for protection and easy cleaning. available in 42", 48" and 54"
Magic Shock Electric livestock Handy Prod/Prodder/Coaxer - Ergonomic casing for easy handling - Insert molded prongs - "Easy touch" press button - Holster ideal for easy carrying - 4x "AA " alkaline battery - Min. Peak voltage 3800V - Buzzer for psychological effect - Extremely lightweight: Only..
Animal respond to the sound of the BB's inside the paddle. Creates a visual barrier to guide livestock. Features a comfortable golf-style grip and vinyle covering for protection and easy cleaning. Available in 42" and 48" in different colors.
Magic Shock Electric Livestock Prod/Prodder/Coaxer Green 200-The best model around: 2 year guarantee on latest motor technology, battery consumption reduced to the minimum-Batteries last twice as long compared to similar devices-Mmin. Peak voltage 6000 V-Does not store energy at the metal tip after..
Magic Shock Electric livestock Prod/Prodder/Coaxer Blue 150- Economic standard prod for beginners- Battery consumption reduced to the minimum- Completely sealed motor against dirt, dust and aggressive vapours- Min. Peak voltage 5600V- Does not store energy at the metal tip after release of the..